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I think that should keep the bees happy! 

Tresanton gardener Penny Medder

After a very wet winter and hot summer, the garden at Tresanton has literally exploded into life. It is very peaceful at the moment but I miss the chatter of the guests and my fellow workers.

I have just counted the number of Echiums in the garden this year, we have nearly 60, plus a good handful of little seedling for next. Our Echiums are spectacular and otherworldly. Adored by the bees that amass all over them until they hum, a guest once referred to them as ‘bee lollipops’ which is a perfectly brilliant description.

The sun worshiping plants were traditionally used by the Greeks to heal wounds and as an anti-inflammatory. The beauty benefits got lost in translation and the Echium was dismissed as nothing more than a garden plant for years. The oil is a super-rich source of saturated fatty acids and phospholipids (lipids with ultra-moisturizing properties). They help to repair the skinโ€™s protective barrier, which improves hydration and reduces roughness and are found today in many of the worlds top face creams.

If you need to find me I will be in the garden shed with a pestle and mortar!



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