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If you Google Dyson you’ll find a cordless vacuum.
Marie Louise Jones, the Director of Lemon Street Gallery, believes the prolific St Mawes artist should instead be front and centre

Self portrait–after being diagnosed with throat cancer

Dyson trained as a dentist, but art was his true passion

Julian Dyson was born in St Mawes in 1936 where he lived until his death in 2003. Thankfully, he gave up dentistry to paint full time. A member of the Newlyn Society of Artists, in 2001 he had a solo exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery. The exhibition deservedly brought him much critical acclaim.

I remember well my first studio visit. I met his wife Betty and we all shared a cup of tea looking over the harbour. We talked about art, the “establishment” (he clearly had no interest in pleasing the masses, he had his own song to sing), and his interest in Bacon, Caulfield and Hockney. Their house was packed full of antiquities, dolls, curios, paintings and photographs. I couldn’t help but look, be distracted, probably nosey, possibly rude, as we all sat together.

Dyson is best known for his self-styled drawings and paintings. The landscape around St Mawes was central to his work, paintings of Betty, passing tourists, people from his childhood and images of tankers, boats and animals feature extensively and were all drawn quickly in his bold, free, fluid and vibrant style. Laterly, he collaborated with sculptors, print-makers and potters producing his own series of prints, plates and sculpture.

Tresanton has many of Dyson’s original works in their notable collection. Dyson’s depiction of St Mawes Lighthouse is among one, if not, his finest works. Olga Polizzi was a huge supporter of Julian’s work and career. Great choice Olga!
But of course it was.


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