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I’m not sure that this wonderful sign from the fifties came from one of my father’s establishments

It could have come from one of the many Forte families who had settled two/three generations ago in one of the seaside towns up and down the country. There are Fortes in Swanage, Eastbourne, Western Super Mare, Bournemouth, in Scotland, Ireland…they all sell ice cream and they all originally came from the village my father came from, the same small village up in the hills between Rome and Naples, Monforte.

I was looking around the Decorative Antiques Fair, one of my favourite hunting ground for furniture, unusual lighting and objects, when a woman I know came up to me and told me about this sign. I was so pleased she had pointed it out and bought it immediately.

A small piece of history of the Forte family of which I am a proud scion. I will hang it on the outside of the small bar in the Beach Club.


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